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Lamir has grown to become one of the largest suppliers and specifiers of architectural hardware in South India. As the oldest family owned architectural hardware distributor in South India, since 1969 Lamir has been the source relied upon by interior designers, architects & custom builders to satisfy the personal tastes of the sophisticated clients.

Our knowledgeable staff would be pleased to be a part of your design team, providing invaluable product expertise and working towards providing your clients with the best products for their needs, within the time frame required for completion.

At Lamir, we believe decorative hardware is the jewellery of your home. Our showrooms showcase international brands. Take an international tour of the most interesting and best crafted hardware in the world! Visit any of our superbly decorated retail showrooms to view our display which feature world's most comprehensive selection of upscale and unique items for your decorating needs. Lamir offers the complete line of worlds best selling brands such as Dekolux, Union, Yale, Ebco, Palladium, HMP, Bonus, Guide &Grace and maintains a comprehensive inventory. This results in faster delivery and provides you with broader product options and selection.


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